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Unlock your inner strength | Dr Andrea Haas Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach


Why I'm qualified to talk to you about confidence...

I know how it feels to suffer with crippling low confidence.


I was very shy in medical school and throughout my career. I didn't want anyone to look at me or speak to me...I just wanted to hide. Yet, I knew I had so much to offer, and this was holding me back.


All that changed when I started working on myself when training in hypnotherapy and EFT. I became my first project.


Through my techniques, I was able to unleash a newfound confidence and self-belief that had been dormant for so many years. 


As I tapped into this reservoir of inner strength, my experience of life, my happiness, my fulfilment - EVERYTHING - changed. 


It was transformative for me, as it will be for you. Since then I have helped 100’s of women gain confidence and freedom in many areas of their lives.

EFT, Hypnotherapy & Confidence Coaching | Dr Andrea Haas Dorset
EFT, Hypnotherapy & Confidence Coaching | Dr Andrea Haas Dorset


My aim is to help women awaken their inner strength so that they feel more in control of their life, and destiny.

My Values

Prioritising overall well-being; physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.
Inner Strength
Meeting challenges with courage, determination, and a positive mindset.
Living on purpose and enjoying a positive and fulfilling experience of life.
Being values-led. Taking ownership for creating our own happiness and experience.
EFT, Hypnotherapy & Confidence Coaching | Dr Andrea Haas Dorset

My journey to here.

I first became interested in the mind-body connection and alternative approaches to healing when working for a Reiki master.


In a later job, I was dealing with patients with a lot of emotional and psychological issues, and chronic pain...


I wanted to understand this powerful connection between mind and body, so I went on to train in Psychotherapy including Hypnotherapy and EFT.


I became more fascinated by the subconscious and how our emotions affect us physically, and became disillusioned with the Western approach to medicine. I knew had so much more to offer privately than through the NHS, and so my practice was born.


Now I combine my medical background - including hypnotherapy and EFT - with personal coaching and mentoring to effect powerful transformation for my clients. 

My Qualifications

As a personal coach, mentor, medical hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner, I provide a holistic approach to tackling self-belief and confidence.

My qualifications include:

  • BM Southampton Med School

  • Dip Sport & Exercise Medicine

  • Dip Musculoskeletal Medicine

  • Dip Hypnotherapy

  • Ad Dip Psychotherapeutic Counselling

  • Emotional Freedom Technique, levels 1 & 2.


I am a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society and EFT International. I am fully insured and DBS checked.

National Hypnotherapy Society | Dr Andrea Haas
EFT International | Dr Andrea Haas Dorset
Discover inner confidence through hypnotherapy, EFT, coaching and mentoring | Dr Andrea Haas Dorset

A little about me behind the scenes...

I grew up surrounded by music and art, and they form an important part of who I am. 


18-months after starting work as a doctor, I realised I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life, so I took a sabbatical and did a full-time dance course to qualify as a classical ballet teacher.


In recent years I've been part of a ballroom and latin dance school and regularly competed at Blackpool, and I've played the violin in the amateur orchestra, The Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra.


A few years prior to lockdown I also decided to take singing lessons. I've now passed my Grade 8 and am working towards my Performers Diploma, singing with several choirs including performing in Sherborne Abbey.  

confidence coach Dorset

"You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them."


Unlock your inner strength

Is it time to release unhelpful beliefs, thinking patterns, and habits that aren’t serving you, so that you can fully step into your potential?

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